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When people find out I’m a teen author, they start asking questions:
How did you get published?
How did you get an agent?
How do you work through writer’s block?

But the number one question people ask is, "How do you manage a writing career while being a stay at home mom?"

Listen, neither gig is easy. It’s tough balancing life as an author and life with three young toddlers! I never feel like I’m getting enough done, but I have found some success in the literary world and I love my readers so much that I want to share with you what has worked for me.

So in the coming months I am putting together an e-course to share what my path has been like. The ups, the downs, the successes, and even the failures. If you want to take a walk in my shoes, go ahead and sign up for emails about my upcoming e-course and I’ll take you on my journey.

Although everyone's path is different, I can at least offer you a glimpse into my life and you can take "A Walk With A-Whit." Hopefully I can help you tell your own story.

A Walk With A-Whit - Coming Soon in 2016!
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